Dangers Of Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

fire and smoke damage restoration lapeer, fire and smoke damage repair lapeer, fire and smoke damage cleanup lapeerFire damage is one the most destructive hazards that can occur within a home. Not only is the fire itself dangerous, but the long-term structural and health issues stemming from a fire are also severe. To avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger after a fire, below are four of the most dangerous things about fire and smoke damage that you should be aware of. Furthermore, we at Aladdin’s Cleaning in Lapeer are ready and qualified to restore the damage to your home after a fire and help you be safe from these hazards. 

Smoke And Soot Inhalation

Smoke and soot inhalation is no light matter. They are a serious health concern that you should treat with all due caution. On a minor level, smoke and soot inhalation can lead to problems like coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, eye damage, and chest pain. On the severe end, soot is carcinogenic meaning that it can cause cancer in those who inhale it. Put simply, you should exercise extreme caution around your home after a fire. You should avoid going back in it until a cleaning and restoration company has deemed it safe for entry. Even wearing an oxygen mask is not advisable and soot particles are so small they can go through oxygen masks. 

Structural Damage

Structural damage is one clear consequence of a fire. Even after a minor fire, you should have your home professionally inspected and deemed safe before you go back to it. This is because the damage from house fires van vary. While a major fire will obviously cause significant structural damage, a minor fire may cause less visible damage. This makes your home vulnerable to collapsing without notice which puts you in danger if you go back in it. This can also be an issue for the restoration process and so taking care of it as soon as possible is a great idea.

Electrical Hazards

A fire can compromise your electrical systems and put you in danger. This is yet another reason why your home should be professionally inspected before you go back to it. You can be assured that there are no lingering electrical problems that can put you at risk of being electrocuted or even starting another fire. 

Disturbed Asbestos

This is one most people don’t consider. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that is used in many parts of a home. A fire will disturb the asbestos and cause some of its fibers to go throughout the air. This is dangerous because when these fibers are inhaled,  they aggravate and scar lung tissue. It will cause shortness of breath and a crackling sound when inhaling. It can even lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. These asbestos fibers aren’t released unless they are disturbed and the fire is the perfect thing to set it off.

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Lapeer

Don’t let any of these hazards affect you or your family’s health. Give us a call at Aladdin’s Cleaning in Lapeer right away if your home is ever damaged by a fire. We will make it our top priority to restore the fire and smoke damage and make your home safe again without delay. Fire and smoke damage is no funny business, but bringing about restoration to your home can be as easy as making one phone call! So do not hesitate to call!