Water Damage Cleanup Because Of Your Appliances?

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Appliances are part of our everyday life. Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and the list goes on. That doesn’t even scratch the surface with the number of sinks, toilets, showers, or even hoses that come with the house. With that much water in circulation, there’s bound to be a problem. Although damage is bound to happen, here are some ways to avoid water damage from household appliances and the cleanup process that comes with it. From the experts at Aladdin’s Cleaning, located in Oakland County, here are a few of those appliances: 

Hot Water Heater

This is one of the top household appliances to inflict water damage on a home. Over the course of its lifetime, a water heater can take up to $5,000 worth of damages. Without regular checkups on your water heater corrosion can set in. Corrosion is one of the main reasons a water heater fails. Make sure to complete annual checkups to determine if your water heater has corrosion. If so, you can easily replace the corroded parts. This is a great thing to keep in mind because you can avoid high cleanup costs by checking on this often.

In addition to corrosion, scale and sediment can build up over time. This can destroy the heating element and cause water damage. This can easily be avoided by letting your tank flush every 6 months to wash away the sediment.

Washing Machine 

The most common washing machine-related damages come from the water hoses connected to the washing machine. The hoses can crack, dry up, or rust. These can cause space between the machine and the wall; consequently, the hose can break loose and can water damage. Most of these damages occur when the individual isn’t at home. Make sure to turn off the water supply when you leave home for an extended period of time and make certain to check on the hoses to avoid cracking and rust. 


Dishwashers have a network of hoses, drains, and pipes in order to effectively clean your dishes. However, those could break or get disconnected and eventually leave a puddle of water on the ground. In addition, adding too much detergent can cause an overflow. You can easily avoid these by putting in the correct amount of detergent and checking on it regularly. Lastly, dishwashers have a lifetime of about 12 years. If you notice your dishes aren’t getting clean, there’s regular clogging or even water damage, It may be smart to replace your dishwasher to avoid the bigger problem of water damage cleanup


Refrigerators aren’t typically the source of water damage all though it can still be the culprit. If refrigerators are the source of water damage, the defrost drain is probably the reason. The defrost drain can clog or freeze; therefore, backing up the water and leaving water damage behind. Check the seals and pipes to avoid this. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Oakland County

Overall, appliances can be the cause of water damage. These can easily be avoided by regular checkups and routine maintenance. However, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. If you find yourself in a situation where things have gone wrong and you’re left with water damage, be sure to contact Aladdin’s Cleaning and Restoration. Cleaning up water damage by yourself can result in water damage and cleanup costs which can be far more dangerous. Therefore, get the best water cleanup service by calling professionals.