Tips To Prevent A Water Damage Disaster in Lapeer

water damage lapeer, water damage restoration lapeer, water damage repair lapeer, water damage cleanup lapeerWater is a prerequisite, and the center for life. But that being said, it’s amazing how much it can ruin or inconvenience our lives when it gets where we do not want it to be. Water damage, anyone? It’s horrible and something we don’t wish upon anyone.

Water Damage In Lapeer

That is why the water damage restoration experts in Lapeer would like to offer a few tips on how to keep water working for you, instead of working against you. 

  1. Pay attention to your water bill.

    If you have a pretty regular schedule, you probably have a pretty consistent water bill each month. Even if you have needs that vary from month to month, anticipating water costs and watching for those each time your water bill comes is an easy way to make sure that you don’t have leaks somewhere in your home costing you. If you have unexpected increases, check out crawl spaces, leaky sinks, or basements. 

  2. Replace your hoses and appliances.

    Don’t wait to replace things until the moment when they break. Often, hoses and appliances should be replaced on a relatively regular basis. Even if you don’t decide just to replace things when their recommended time comes, they will begin to show signs of wear and tear (bulges, discoloration, brittleness, etc) before they break, and that is when you should consider replacing them to avoid the damage they could cause to your home if they malfunction one day. 

  3. Clean out your gutters.

    Doing so is an incredibly easy fix to otherwise having debris hang out in your gutters, causing water-blockages and heavy water to sit in your gutters, misshaping and deteriorating them. Often, cleaning out your gutters of leaves and sticks goes a long way. It’s better to complete this simple task now than to deal with a costly water damage repair further down the road.

  4. Turn off your water before you go out of town.

    If you know you’re leaving town overnight or longer, an easy way to prevent water damage emergencies is to simply turn off your water during that time. Period. In addition, it can be helpful to refrain from running a dishwasher or washing machine while you’re not at home for similar reasons. 

More often than not, preventing water damage at home is a matter of common sense. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy situation to deal with. Follow the simple tips listed above, and found across our website to decrease your risk of sustaining water damage in the future. In the unfortunate event that you’ve already fallen victim to some water damage and you live in Lapeer, go ahead and give Aladdin’s Cleaning a call. We specialize in water damage cleanup and restoration services. Our licensed and experienced team is available to help you 24/7 in emergency situations.