Flint Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration flintWhen a person hears the word “crisis” they automatically think the absolute worst. And rightfully so! Dealing with a crisis is never a fun thing. Things like fire damage, floods, and death, are just a few examples.There are all sorts of crises, but when water damage occurs in your Flint home, it brings about a gloomy cloud of frustration. Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes and usually comes without warning. 

When water damage does occur, what sorts of things can you do to avoid danger and also use the water damage that has occurred as an opportunity to learn and understand the importance of restoration right away. Here are a few tips that hopefully will help: 

Water Damage Restoration In Flint

  1. Contact your local plumber to help clear out the water that may have already collected in your home. 
  2. Contact your local water damage restoration professionals, like those at Aladdin’s Cleaning, located in the Flint area, to remove standing water and inspect the damage. They are trained to know how to handle these types of crises and it is important to know that you have help when things like this happen. They understand the importance of water damage restoration and how quickly it needs to be handled.
  3. Call your insurance company. With all that has happened already, thinking about the cost of the repairs and restoration is probably the last thing on your mind. It is important to contact your insurance company as soon as you can so they can take care of the finances for you. 
  4. If it is safe to do so, turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas, unplug and remove any small electrical devices currently located on wet carpet or other wet surfaces. Nothing is worse than electricity and water together. Safety is of the utmost importance, and so turning off these devices will help avoid any dangerous situations. If you cannot reach these breakers, please do not attempt a heroic act! Wait for professionals with the proper equipment to come and help you with your water damage restoration needs! 
  5. Be proactive! If you can, remove and secure small furniture items as much as possible, to prevent rust or stains and to expedite restoration. This can go a long way! Not only will it help make the process go faster, it will also save your furniture-if it has not already been damaged. (Pro tip: Place aluminum foil under legs of wood furniture, especially antiques, which may permanently stain carpet.) If you can reach them, remove and secure breakable, moisture sensitive, or high value items. Remember, it is your chance to take this crisis and turn it into an opportunity instead of a dangerous situation. This means moving your items from dangerous spots as well!  
  6. Understand that these water damage restoration professionals may need to move your larger belongings, like beds, fridges, and stovetops, in order to help the cleanup process. If you can, make a pathway so that they can come in and remove these items and start looking for ways to clean up the water damage. 

Crisis events are never fun. But knowing that you can do a lot to help the process is very comforting! You are your own boss and you can make any awful situation into an opportunity to become a hero in your own home! Make sure to contact the local water damage restoration professionals, like those at Aladdin’s Cleaning, as well. They have the tools needed to remove and clean up and restore the water damage, and they can help turn your crisis situation around in no time!