Tips For Choosing A Water Damage Restoration Company in Flint

water damage restoration flintOkay, disaster struck. Your heart rate is up and you’re feeling like the unluckiest person in the world. Granted, water damage is not cool. Ever. At Aladdin’s Cleaning & Restoration, we’re here to try to convince you though that the water damage cleanup process doesn’t have to be painful. Whether or not you choose us as your water damage pros, let us give you 7 tips to consider before you call the first one that shows up in your Google search. 

Water Damage Restoration In Flint

#1. Responds Immediately When Disaster Strikes. 

Because water damage becomes exponentially worse with time, it’s crucial to choose a water damage remediation service that responds instantly. There are enough companies that offer 24/7 damage response (including us), that it’s wise not to settle for the average 9-5 restoration company. As you get companies to work with, ask their typical turnaround time for jobs and what their cleanup process is like. Many inexperienced repairmen may take unnecessary time cleaning up the job and add extra stress for you. 

#2. Employees Licensed, Insured, And Well-Trained Teams

Anyone can slap the word “professional” on their website and call themselves experts. Unfortunately, many clients buy it and end up with a mediocre restoration service. Does the company you’re working with employ licensed experts? How long has the company been in business? Do they hold regular training with employees? 

#3. Has A Good Reputation In The Area

The quickest and most efficient way to find a water damage restoration service in Flint is to simply ask around. Many homeowners find themselves besieged by shady, unreliable, and noncommittal restoration companies, an experience that those who have gone through don’t wish to repeat again. Some companies rely more heavily on word-of-mouth than others, so it never hurts to post on social media or ask a trusted friend about their experience. 

#4. Offers A Plan Before Any Action Is Taken

Be wary of the common industry saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll just come and get it taken care of and then we’ll leave.” A lack of planning is usually a recipe for disaster in the disaster response industry. As the client, you have a right to ask for a detailed proposal of the work process, complete with an assessment of your property’s damage, the repairs that need to be made, and a reliable estimate of costs so you can make an informed decision about your direction. 

#5. Knows How To Navigate The Insurance Claims Process With You

One of the most headache-inducing results of water damage is filing a successful insurance claim. Many water damage restoration services will either take care of the process entirely, or at least offer direction and guidance. Look for a service that is experienced and responsive when it comes to helping with document processing in an honest and timely way.

#6. Uses High-Quality Equipment

Trust us, there’s a big difference between an Amazon at-home water extraction device and a professional grade device available to professionals. By investigating the methods and equipment used in preliminary phone calls, you can uncover if your potential water damage service is a backyard startup, or a trained professional. 

#7 Treats You And Your Home With Respect. 

Ultimately, both you and your home deserve the absolute best care possible. Don’t settle for cheap and unprofessional. A water disaster can be stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming. By having adequate pre-service dialogue, you can determine how the water damage restoration company treats you and how they interact with other clients. 

To get your property and life back to normal after water damage in Flint, take these seven steps and put them to the test. You’ll find some that make the cut and others that don’t. Thankfully, we hold our employees to a high quality standard, so we’ve already run ourselves through these steps. Whatever your water damage or emergency restoration needs, we’ve got you covered. But don’t take out word for it, do your due diligence and see for yourself if Aladdin’s Cleaning & Restoration is the best choice in Flint for water damage restoration. We think you’ll like what you find.