Dangers of Water Damage Cleanup in Oakland County

water damage cleanup oaklandWe live in a world of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. From home reconstruction to home decor to yard projects we can find how to do anything ourselves. Though sometimes these projects may be fun and save money, there are times where we shouldn’t do a project by ourselves, but instead gain help from trained individuals. Water damage is one of those things where we shouldn’t do it ourselves. There are many risks and dangers that come with water damage; consequently, insufficient treatment can lead to even bigger damage. From our water damage cleanup experts at Aladdin’s here are 3 dangers of water damage to be aware of.

Water Damage Cleanup In Oakland County

1. The Type Of Water

Any type of water can damage property; however, different dangers accompany different types of water. The first kind of water is called clean water. Clean water is free of toxins and harmful sewage. Therefore, this water comes from broken water supply lines and some household appliances. The second type of water damage is considered grey water. This type is more dangerous than clean water, since it contains some bacteria. Leaking or overflowing of toilets, sump pumps, or dirty dishwashers contain grey water. Typically, this water isn’t harmful to your health; however, it can still cause irritations to skin and eyes. Lastly, black water is the most dangerous type of water. This water contains toxins and bacteria that are very harmful to our health. Water from storms, flash floods, sewage systems, and groundwater are all examples of black water. 

Regardless of what kind of water damage you think you may have encountered, there are microbes, bacteria, and toxins that can be very harmful and cause more destruction down the road.  Without the right safety equipment, dealing with a specific type may cause serious health risks. Thus, why water damage cleanup DIY projects are dangerous. In order to avoid those dangers, gain the help of the water damage cleanup professionals to make sure your home is being treated for the right kind of water damage. 

2. Structural Issues

Water is one of the most powerful sources on our planet. It can warp wood, rust metal, and deconstruct floorboards. Sometimes, water damage starts where it can’t be seen; consequently, when we do discover the water, damage has already taken place. Sometimes with DIY cleanup, the water isn’t all the way extracted and dried. This leads to decaying wood and rusted machinery which leads to a vulnerable home structure. The longer you wait to treat water the more structural damage occurs.  Act now! 

3. Mold Growth

Similarly, to the type of water, mold growth can affect your health. It can contain bacteria and toxic materials that can irritate respiratory and immune systems. Insufficiently dried or sanitized areas can be a home for mold to go. Water damage can be hidden in walls and ceilings; therefore, mold can too. Generally, when DIY water damage cleanup is done, homeowners only treat what they can see; consequently, the water hiding in the structure of your home can be a place for mold to germinate. Mold can grow relatively fast if given the right conditions; therefore, assure that your home is being correctly, efficiently, and swiftly and contact a professional. 

Overall, there are dangers with any type of water damage. However, DIY water damage cleanup can exaggerate those dangers. Untreated or insufficiently treated areas can become a place for mold to grow or it can become structurally unsound. These consequences can be more expensive and harder to restore down the road. The best way to go every time is calling a company with the right training, equipment, and resources.