Fire Damage Clean Up Do’s & Don’ts

Facing a fire in your home or business can be overwhelming, to say the least. It’s crucial, though, to start your fire damage cleanup and restoration process as soon as possible, to get your life back to normal.

Rather than running to the store to buy cleaning products, mops, and buckets yourself, you need to rely on the experts to handle the situation. There are specific steps the professionals will follow to restore your property and contents to their pre-loss condition.

Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup.

Fire damage restoration in Lapeer, MI

The Do’s of Fire Damage Restoration

  • Prioritize safety. Although your home or office may look clear, there can be major hazards in the form of structural damage or hidden hot spots that can cause the fire to restart. Do not reenter your property until a professional has cleared you to do so.
  • Take photos of the damage, and document all conversations you have. Also save any and all receipts. You’ll find this comes in handy when dealing with your insurance company.
  • Contact your insurance agent to start the process of fire damage assessment.
  • Call your local Lapeer fire restoration company to help with cleanup and repair.
  • Once you return inside, limit movement. You don’t want soot spreading any further.
  • Change your furnace filters.
  • Cover all furniture and upholstery with sheets.
  • If the weather is clear, open windows and doors to ventilate.
  • Remove all clothing and have it cleaned professionally by fire damage restoration cleaners. The local dry cleaner won’t do.
  • Throw away any food or drink items left after the fire.

The Don’ts of Fire Damage Restoration

  • Do not enter the building until the fire department has permitted you to do so.
  • Do not start to wipe or clean surfaces. All damage needs to be assessed by your insurance company.
  • Do not try to clean carpets or upholstery damaged by smoke residue or debris. Have them professionally cleaned by Aladdin first.
  • Do not consume any food or beverage items that were present in the building during the fire, even if they look safe.
  • Do not turn on water, electric or gas before a professional has checked them thoroughly.
  • Do not turn on, clean or use electronic equipment until professionally checked.

If your home or office in Lapeer or the surrounding areas is damaged by fire, contact Aladdin today!