Steps To Take For Water Damage In Lapeer

Water damage in Lapeer is more common than you might think. Whether you have broken pipes, leaking appliances, or something more serious like a flooded basement, major issues can occur as a result of water damage.

One of the worst things about water damage is the speed with which mold can develop. Even a small amount of water can cause mold within 24 hours, and there can be safety issues or structural damage that you may not notice until it is too late.

The first step you need to take is stop the leak or source of the damage. Once that is done, then you need to take the following 7 steps to restore your home or office, and prevent further damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your homeowners insurance will differ based on the policies you have in place. The insurance company will send an adjustor out to assess the damage to your home or building. Be sure to document the value of every item, and be sure to take photos of them before, during, and after restoration is complete.

Be aware that not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover flood damage, so be sure to check your policy and update accordingly.

Stay Safe When Assessing Your Home

In any major restoration effort, remaining safe should be your top priority. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, be sure to do the following:

  • Turn off the power- Water and electricity can make for a dangerous combination. If turning off your electricity requires you to be in contact with water, it is best to call an electrician and avoid the area. Do NOT reenter a flooded home before the power is turned off.
  • Wear protective gear- Be sure to wear clothing that can help you stay safe, such as rubber boots and gloves. Not only can this protect against electrical issues, but can also keep you from getting injuries that can be infected by bacteria-laden water.
  • Protect your valuables- Lift any wood furniture off the wet carpet and put tin foil under it to mitigate the damage and prevent carpet stains. Remove any rugs that may be on wood floors in your home.

Start Water Damage Cleanup Immediately

Water damage in Lapeer, MI

Ideally, water damage cleanup should begin within 24-48 hours after you are cleared to reenter your home. In many cases, the damage is too drastic for one person or family to do alone. Contact a Lapeer restoration company to keep yourself and your family safe, and to ensure all damage is removed.

If you decide to begin the drying process yourself, make sure you wear protective gear. Determine what is salvageable and throw away anything that is too damaged or no longer safe to use.

Be aware that you may need to remove flooring, drywall, and insulation to prevent mold and mildew from spreading in your home. Furniture may also need to be dried out, cleaned or thrown away depending on the level of water damage.

Dry Out Your Home

Once all standing water is removed from your home, you will still have to tend to damp belongings. If you are able to get your electricity back on, use central air conditioning to remove humidity. Floor fans such as Air Movers and dehumidifiers can help dry damp areas of your home as well.

Avoid all mold and mildew as much as possible. You may need the assistance of a professional restoration company like Aladdin Cleaning & Restoration to ensure your home is dry.

Check For Mold

Even if you contact a professional restoration company within 24 hours of reentry, you may still have mold growing in some areas of your home. As soon as you discover water damage in your home, it’s important to take what measures you can to prevent mold. Be careful that you’re not spreading mold spores throughout your home as you’re attempting to dry things out.

It is best to have a professional assist with the drying process, significantly lowering the chances of getting mold.

Begin Restoring Your Home

Repairing water damage in your home from flooding is the longest part of the restoration process. Flooring and even walls may need to be replaced. You need to replace broken or damaged possessions. If the damage requires construction, be sure to hire professionals.

Move Back Into Your Home

Once you have the go ahead from your insurance company, your restoration/construction company, and your local government (if damage is caused by a natural disaster), it’s time to move back into your clean, dry, mold-free home!