Water Heaters Can Cause A Lot Of Water Damage Cleanup Costs

water damage cleanup oakland, water damage oakland, water damage repair oaklandWhen you think about it, our water heaters are one of the most used appliances in our Davison homes. Water heaters make daily tasks comfortable and convenient, but when water heaters malfunction they can cause catastrophe and chaos. One of the most destructive sources of water damage and cleanup costs in homes is the water heater. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Davison

Traditional water heaters are sized according to how many gallons of hot water they can hold at a time. The most common residential water heaters hold 20 – 100 gallons of water. They are designed to continually refill themselves so that there is a reserve of hot water available at all times. That means when water heater tanks leak, they cause excessive flooding due to the availability of water. The most common causes of water heater leaks are:

  • Loose Drain Valves: When a drain valve becomes loose, it will slowly and continually leak water. It is easy to stop a leaking drain valve – you simply tighten it with a wrench. However, it is easy to over-tighten and then damage the valve, causing even more trouble. If you notice water leaking from a valve, get it fixed right away.
  • High Water Pressure: If the water heater tank builds up too much pressure inside, water will be forced to leak out in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure. So, what causes an increase in pressure? The most common cause of excessive water pressure in your water heater tank is temperature. When the temperature is set too high, it will cause a spike in pressure. If the temperature pressure relief valve is defective, it will lead to an excess build-up of pressure inside the water heater, eventually leading to a leak. You should check your hot water setting periodically to be sure that it is not too high. Another factor is high water pressure from the exterior water supply coming in to your home. You can monitor the water pressure to your home with a pressure reader. A reading of 45 to 55 psi is ideal. If your water pressure goes above 70 psi, you are at an increased risk of leaks or bursts, not just in your water heater but also in every pipe. 
  • Age: While hot water heaters are built to last, as they age they will begin to rust and corrode. When corrosion gets bad enough, it will cause the tank to spring leaks. Leaks from corrosion are serious and should not be ignored, because the water will continually flow. Failure to keep up on routine maintenance and inspection can allow build up to overrun your water heater. On average, water heaters should be replaced every 10 years. Regular flushing of the tank and manufacturer’s recommended maintenance can help extend the life of your water heater, and prevent leaks and water damage. 

Since water heaters are a necessary part of living and daily comfort and function in our homes, it is important to be proactive and informed on how to prevent major water damage from the water heater. If you do find yourself dealing with water damage, weather from the water heater or any other source, call Aladdin’s Cleaning right away. We specialize in water damage cleanup from water heaters and any other source.