Repairing Water Damaged Items

After the heavy rains in Michigan this week, many homes have experienced water damage. While the damage to the home might be extensive, damage to the contents of your home could be just as bad.

After heavy rain, we hear horror stories about damage to homes. Usually a leaky roof, flooded basements and mold are the most common stories. However, the contents of your home can just as easily be damaged by water. Some items are beyond saving, while others might be able to be repaired or restored. Let’s talk about these different items and how Aladdin’s can help you after rain damage to your home.

What Determines If Something Can or Should Be Saved?

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It is important to understand that while it is possible to restore some items, you may still be recommended to replace them because of the hidden risks of contamination and high cost of repairs in comparison to replacement. Consider the following four factors to take a final decision:

The Type of Water Damage

Anytime anything is touch and contaminated by “black” water – flood water and sewage backups – it is recommended you immediately throw it away. It usually is not worth the risk or cost of cleaning. You can see more about the different types of water damage in another article here.

How Porous Are The Materials?

If you act promptly, porous materials like fabrics and wood can be easily saved and cleaned. If you wait too long or catch the damage to late and the saturation levels get too high though, there is a great risk of shrinking, deformation, and mold growth which would likely lead to replacement.

How Long Has The Item or Items Been Saturated?

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Time of saturation is often a critical factor, as soaking makes water penetrate deep into the structure and causes irreversible damage to many items. Wooden furniture is a great example here: if items are not taken out of water soon, it is impossible to restore them to the previous condition.  

How Much Would It Cost To Replace The Water Damaged Item or Items?

Professional drying, sanitation, and deodorization of personal possessions is a lengthy and expensive process, which can exceed replacement costs. This is why emergency restoration experts like Aladdin’s immediately discard wet insulation, drywall, carpets, and pads in agreement with IICRC guidelines for water restoration. If the objects do not hold emotional value, it’s better to ask your claim adjuster concerning the best course of action.

Water Damaged Computers & Electronics-DIY Tips

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  • Remove the battery from a laptop and disconnect any wires and plugs.
  • Leave the appliances to dry for several days in a dry and well-ventilated environment.
  • Do not turn the appliances on until they are thoroughly dried. Consult a professional before using the appliances again. If you have valuable information on your laptop, better take it to a professional technician too. Insufficient drying may cause a short circuit and permanent loss of all the data.

Water Damaged Books, Photos & Documents-DIY Tips

  • Carefully rinse the items removing any mud or debris.
  • Place absorbent paper towels on the photos, between every document or book pages. Replace towels as needed.  
  • The books, documents, and photos usually warp as they dry. You may iron the items on a low heat and place weight on the books to help straighten them.

Water Damaged Wooden Furniture-DIY Tips

  • Remove moisture from the surface using a towel.
  • If you suspect mold, use an anti-microbial cleaning agent.
  • Dry the furniture in the well-ventilated area away from the sun, as drying in the sun can cause additional warping.
  • Furniture that has swelled and warped can no longer be saved.

While there are things you can do yourself to mitigate water damage, you should contact professionals to get the job done right. Call Aladdin’s today if you’ve experienced rain damage.