Holiday Fire Hazards

The holidays are here, and that means more potential for fire damage to your home. Learn about the potential hazards and how to protect your home and family this holiday season.

The major winter holidays are usually a time of joy for most Michigan households. Families gather, parties are had, and homes are decorated. However, the holidays carry a greater risk for fires. Pretty decorations can lead to serious problems if not managed properly. If you do experience a fire, you should call Aladdin’s for fire damage restoration service.

50% Of Home Decoration Fires in December Are Caused By Candles

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Candles are an integral part of many holiday traditions. Hanukkah, for example, is celebrated with the lighting of the Menorah. Kwanzaa uses the Kinara, a traditional candle arrangement. Christmas candles are a common sight in windows in almost every neighborhood.

But candles are also some of the most dangerous holiday decorations. Most of the time, candles are not properly extinguished, or are left too close to highly flammable material. If you use candles in your holiday celebration, keep them at least 12 inches away from anything that burns.

According to the National Fire Protection Association 50% of fires in December are started by candles, 33% of the rest of the yearly fires are also caused by candles. Be sure to keep candles a safe distance all year to avoid a home fire. The NFPA also cautions that Christmas Day is the peak day for candle fires throughout the year.

Oh Christmas Tree, You Are a Fire Hazard

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As beautiful as a Christmas tree can be, they can be very dangerous if not set up properly. 1/5 Christmas tree fires are caused by a heat source being too close to the tree. This includes candles, but can also be a fireplace, radiator, or heating duct.

Natural Christmas trees are the main culprit, They are popular due to their pleasant aroma, but they can dry out if not watered appropriately. A dry Christmas tree burns hot and fast, and can cause severe fire damage to your home. Keep your tree at least 3 feet away from any heat source to prevent it from catching fire. Be sure to get rid of your tree if it is dry, and discard it quickly after the holiday season.

Also, Christmas trees should be placed away from all exits. In case of a fire, you will want to have a clear path to exit the home. Over 1,500 deaths occurred last Christmas season because of obstructed exits, largely due to Christmas trees.

Christmas Lights Can Be Dangerous Also

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It is a tradition to decorate homes with beautiful lights. Elaborate displays are often visited by folks from around the area. However, holiday lights have been known to cause home fires. The main cause is the stringing of too many lights together. This can cause electrical fires in homes.

Improperly connected light strands can also overheat a Christmas tree, causing a fast and hot blaze. The NFPA says that the damage caused by fires from lights is often 60% more expensive to restore than other fire sources. Be sure to follow instructions for lighting your home at the holidays.

If you experience a home fire this holiday season, contact the professionals at Aladdin’s for restoration services.