Getting Rid of Mold in Walls

Mold grows in many places. Vents, attics, and basements are among the many places mold is found. But one often missed place where mold can thrive is between walls in your home.

Mold is an insidious problem to deal with. Aside from looking horrible, mold is dangerous to the health of your family and the structure of your home. Learn about mold in walls and always call the mold remediation experts at Aladdin’s for help.

Why Does Mold Grow & Settle in Walls?

Mold grows in walls and settles there because one of the things it needs to grow is high humidity. Water leaks, leaking pipes, and condensation (more common to windows in winter than to walls), are the most common causes.

When mold is in the walls or behind walls, it becomes tricky to deal with. It might even have been there for some time. Some people might ignore it, thinking what is out of sight won’t be a problem but that’s actually a dangerous decision. Mold that you can’t see is probably riskier than the mold that that you can see. And then there’s toxic black mold too.

How Do You Detect & Treat Mold in Walls?

Mold in walls

You might well believe that mold spores are disturbing the quality of your air indoors, causing allergies, because you have become suspicious from the musty smell in certain places of your home.

It is true to say that any damp places in your home, even hidden behind the wall, are prime breeding grounds for mildew, mold and fungus. All these fungi are fine outside but when it comes to the indoors, they can cause health problems.

The best way to confirm your suspicions is to get a professional mold inspection

done, especially if toxic mold spores are affecting an area that is over ten square feet. Don’t delay though, because costs get greater and the damage more extensive as time goes on.

If the mold is on trims, drywall – “sheetrock”, a qualified mold inspector can get to the root cause and extent of the problem. He will take air samples and have them tested at the labs. Sampling is done, first, to confirm your suspicions, and afterward, to verify success after removal.

Don’t try and buy a home testing kit to detect mold. They don’t do a thorough job, probably only revealing some mold. The kits can’t guarantee everything you need to know.

Dealing With Mold & Removing it From Walls

Look, you can do it yourself if it hasn’t spread too far, but remember, it might be better to get in the professionals.

To begin with, professionals wear protective gear, like coveralls, protective eyewear, gloves, and waterproof boots. A high quality filtering mask is also required.

In the case of black mold, you will want professionals to check it out for you because mold can even thrive in places you don’t frequent a lot. Black mold can even get behind wallpaper; between walls, under damp carpeting; sometimes other places you don’t even suspect. Trying to remove it yourself, you could actually put yourself and your family in danger of some serious health problems.

Mold remediation and removal experts like Aladdin’s are highly experienced in dealing with mold issues, using proper equipment. Our expert, proven methods ensure that the mold is dealt with 100%; no cause for worrying afterward.

When you have a mold problem, leave it to the professionals at Aladdin’s to deal with it. Contact us today for a free mold remediation quote.