When to Hire a Lapeer Restoration Company

Sometimes in the aftermath of a fire or the discovery of water damage, you don’t know who to call. Do you call a cleaning company? Does the city have resources for such events? The truth is, there are many times when a restoration company will be the right choice. We’re going to look at issues Lapeer homeowners may encounter, and whether or not these situations require a Lapeer restoration company like Aladdin’s.

A Lapeer Restoration Company Can Help You After Water Damage

Lapeer water damage restoration company Aladdin's can help you get your home back in order after a flood, or other water damaging event.

Water can be one of the most damaging elements to your home. A burst pipe or even a leak can cause havoc in your home. Water damage accounts for $4.7 billion dollars in home damages every year. Some of the most common areas where water causes damage to homes are in basements, bathrooms, and attics. While the causes of the damage may differ, the result is the same. Water can create problems by softening wood in your home, destroying fabrics, and helping mold to grow.

A Lapeer water damage restoration company like Aladdin’s has certified professionals that handle these matters daily. From the small leak in a roof to a burst pipe in the basement, Aladdin’s water damage restoration experts know how to get your home back in order. We use the most sophisticated techniques to get your belongings back in working order, and also clean your home thoroughly so that your house doesn’t suffer the effects of the damage long-term.

What a water damage restoration company in Lapeer can’t do is replace your roof or fix your foundation. For these matters, we have several contractors in the local area that we partner with to solve the underlying problem.

A Restoration Company in Lapeer Can Help You After a Fire

A Lapeer fire damage restoration company can assist you in recovering your home after a fire.

Fires are one of the most devastating events any homeowner can experience. The damage caused by a fire can be heart wrenching, as often precious heirlooms are lost and the damage can be severe. However, a Lapeer fire damage restoration company like Aladdin’s can help you get back on your feet.

Our certified technicians are trained in the latest and best methods of fire damage restoration, helping you get your contents back in near-original condition when possible. We are also able to clean the home itself, making sure that structural damage is kept to a minimum. We are also able to remove the soot damage suffered to upholstery, carpet, rugs and other surfaces of the home. If you have a fire, you should call Aladdin’s to help you recover.

Again, there are some elements we are unable to fix. We will not be the company that rebuilds your home. However, we are able to help you find the right construction company that can handle those issues.

If you have experienced fire or water damage, you need to call a professional restoration company. You need to call Aladdin’s.