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Storing Flammable Materials At Home

Fire damage is avoidable. As summer approaches, more homeowners will be using gas powered tools like lawnmowers. Proper storage of flammable liquids is key to preventing house fires.

Mold Remediation Lapeer

Getting Rid of Mold in Walls

Mold grows in many places. Vents, attics, and basements are among the many places mold is found. But one often missed place where mold can thrive is between walls in your home. Mold is an insidious problem to deal with. Aside from looking horrible, mold is dangerous to the health of your family and the […]

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Should You Replace Carpets During Water Damage Restoration?

When you notice your carpets are soaked, it may be a sign of water damage. Do you need to replace the carpet in your home after water damage? Learn more…

Using Ozone to clean smoke damage after a house fire

How Can Ozone Help With Smoke Damage?

If you have experienced even a small fire, you know that smoke odor and soot stains can be a pain to remove. Ozone can help where other cleaners can’t. Learn more about ozone and it’s ability to help you after a fire.

Mold spread in houses in Davison

How Mold Spreads in a House

Mold can spread due to a variety of reasons. Understanding how mold spreads throughout a home can help you prevent it before it gets out of control.

Grand Blanc fire damage restoration company

What To Do (And Not) If You Have a House Fire

When you suffer a house fire, the last thing you need is confusion. You need to know what to do, and what not to do. Follow these basic guidelines to make the recovery and restoration process as easy as possible.

Water Damage Restoration Port Huron

Preventing Spring Water Damage

Spring is a time when we are all excited for warmer weather. However, that excitement can end quickly if you have water damage due to the spring thaw. Let’s look at some ways to prevent water damage in your home.

Fire damage restoration Flint

Spring Cleaning & Fire Prevention Tips

With spring on the way, many in Eastern Michigan will start their spring cleaning soon. We should be aware of ways to prevent fires during the coming months, and cleaning is a good way to do that. Check out these tips…

Mold remediation Saginaw

Prevent Mold This Spring

Although it may not feel like it, spring is right around the corner. With spring, the chances of mold growth in your home increase exponentially. Learn how to prevent mold from growing as the weather warms up.

Water damage restoration Davison

Water Mitigation Vs Damage Restoration

If you have experienced water damage in your home or business, then you know it’s no picnic. Learn about the differences between water mitigation and water damage restoration.

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