Winter water damage Michigan

Winter Water Damage Causes

Water damage claims increase in Michigan winters. Many of the common causes can be prevented. Let’s look at some of those causes and how they might be prevented.

Fire damage restoration Grand Blanc

Halloween Fire Hazards

Halloween is always a fun time of year for families. However, the real scares may not come from ghosts and goblins, but from potential fire hazards that are common on the holiday. Learn how to keep your family safe from fire this Halloween.

Fire and smoke damage Clarkston

What Not To Keep After a Fire

A fire can cause much destruction. Some items, even if they survive the blaze, should be thrown away. See what items need to be discarded and why.

Mold remediation Michigan

Can You Clean Black Mold Yourself?

Mold remediation might seem like a DIY project to some. But should you clean the mold yourself if it is black mold? Learn more about black mold and if it is safe for you to clean on your own.

Rain and water damage Port Huron

Repairing Water Damaged Items

Heavy rains in Michigan led to many water damage claims at homes and businesses. However, some of the “minor” damage to items can also be repaired, if handled by professionals.

Smoke damage Grand Blanc

Impacts Of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is more dangerous than one might think. While the flames are usually the scariest part of a fire, smoke is by far the more devastating feature of a blaze.

Water damage restoration michigan

Fall Water Damage Issues

Water damage to your home can occur any time, but fall is a common season for water damage to homes and businesses. This is because as temperatures drop, ice can begin to form, gutters get clogged, and more.

Fire damage restoration Michigan

Fire Damage Is Not A Simple Clean Up

Fires can be devastating, and the cleanup after a fire can be expensive. There are even some damages that you might not have thought of. Learn more about them in this article.

Water damage restoration Davison

Reducing Water Damage Restoration Costs

The recent flooding caused by Hurricane Ida is devastating. In order to help you mitigate water damage restoration costs, learn these tips.

Smoke damage cleanup

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage cleanup may be the most difficult part of fire damage restoration. While fire damaged items are easily disposed of, cleaning soot and ash can not only be messy, but dangerous. It is important to not skip steps when cleaning up after a fire has damaged your home or business. Follow these steps when […]