Damaged Contents Cleaning and Deodorizing Services

Content Restoration and Cleaning for Eastern Michigan including Flint, Port Huron and Saginaw

In the unfortunate event that you experience a fire in your home or business, you can rely on the professional restoration services of Aladdin’s Cleaning & Restoration for your content cleaning and restoration needs. The results of fire, smoke, heat, and soot can have irreversible effects on your furnishings and belongings if not properly handled. Our team of certified restoration specialists will handle all your contents with care, gently restoring them to a pre-loss condition.

Aladdin’s Cleaning and Restoration offers:

  • On-Site Cleaning and Restoration
  • Pack-Outs
  • Unique Deodorization Process
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Detailed Hand Cleaning
  • Digital Inventory System
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Minimize Your Losses – Salvage More Property

We Can Save More Of Your Personal and Sentimental Belongings.

Aladdin’s certified and experienced contents cleaning and deodorization crew are highly skilled in cleaning up seemingly damaged items including electronics, clothing, furniture, rugs, appliances and more! Our team uses extreme care when collecting your property, packing it out, and transporting it to our contents cleaning facility. We eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and broken items during the process and secure your belongings so that they can be cleaned and returned back to you when you are ready for them. 

Aladdin’s unique process and attention to detail will help keep your prized possessions… yours! Before you throw anything out, make sure you consult with our expert contents cleaning division. It is surprising how effective contents cleaning can be on items that seem damaged beyond repair. It takes professionals to make sure it is done correctly – be sure to call the professionals at Aladdin’s Cleaning and Restoration today!

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Aladdin’s superior and highly-trained contents cleaning and deodorization technicians specialize in high-quality contents cleaning and deodorization. When your property is damaged by smoke or soot, Aladdin’s can eliminate odors, lingering smoke/soot, and make your property look and smell better than ever. Recognized and preferred by many insurance carriers, Aladdin’s is always ready to help with your contents cleaning needs in Lapeer, MI, and its surrounding areas.

Life Happens. Call Aladdin’s. 

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